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Small Town Media & Production LLC began in January of 2020 in Pine Island, MN. Founders Riley Keane and Nick Wobig set out to be the most highly regarded and demanded Real Estate Photography company in Southeast Minnesota. They soon learned that it was a struggle to get noticed and be trusted by Real Estate Agents because they didn’t know us from Adam. We looked into how we could market ourselves and build our reputation to gain their trust. It was through this process that we discovered that we weren’t alone in this struggle. Small and medium-sized businesses everywhere battle with their identity and how to attract new customers. We realized that if we can figure this out, we should help others do the same.
Riley and Nick enlisted the help of their wives, Stephny and Kristina, to help them build a digital marketing company that Small Town business owners would trust, rely on, and grow with. Through our Small Town Business Center, we built a one-stop shop for businesses to manage their online presence in an easy, intuitive way. We love to talk with business owners and marketers about their goals for their business. Reach out at any time to see how we can help bring those goals to life.


Our team consists of two married couples who have been close friends for over two decades. Riley and Nick were on the same youth soccer team in Pine Island and quickly became best friends and the third child of each other’s parents. They were (and sometimes still are) inseparable. Riley and Kristina attended the same high school, Lourdes High School, in Rochester and became good friends. A year after graduating, Riley introduced Nick and Kristina who have been happily married since 2017. Riley and Stephny met in Pine Island early in their high school years when Riley helped shingle Stephny’s parents’ house. They started dating a year later and have been happily married since 2019.

Riley Keane and Stephny King (on the left) were both born and raised in Pine Island, MN, and still reside there with their dogs, Chief and Zuess. Growing up with a father as a business owner, Riley has a true understanding of the customer experience. It shows in the way we interact with our customers every day. What we do requires specialized knowledge and attention that our customers may not know. It’s our job to help them understand the importance of our processes and how it impacts their business. Stephny has a degree in Photography and was a portrait photographer for 7 years. She built her business from scratch and relied on the reviews of previous clients to book new prospects. Her passion for the visual arts makes her the perfect partner for building your brand’s image to appeal to your target customer base.

Nick and Kristina Wobig (on the right) live in Waseca, MN with their son, Jameson, and dog, Cash (big Johnny Cash fans!). Nick grew up in Pine Island and Kristina grew up in Rochester. They participated in several common high school activities but didn’t meet until college when Riley made the introduction. Kristina has a degree from UW-Superior in Exercise Science and Sports Management and Nick has a degree from Lake Superior College in Digital Media and Production. The lens through which Kristina looks at marketing revolves around sports: Sports fans pick their teams based on who they can relate with and they support that team through wins and losses. Life-long customers of a business are the same way. Nick is our content expert. He enjoys working with our customers on social media posts, SEO strategies, digital advertising, and all things strategy around building a brand.